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Category Traditional medicine  

Erysipelas skin erysipelas feet - popular treatment HLS
erysipelas skin -treatment of oil. Sunflower oil boil 5:00 on a water bath. Lubricate the inflammation on the skin after 10 minutes sprinkle it in fine streptotsidom. Long treatment. HLS 2000, № 19, page 19. National treatment faces of mother and stepmother.

TB skin - Folk remedies treatment
Lotion with Aloe From recipes herbalist Doroninoj. In tuberculosis skin using compresses with aloe. This folk remedy used as well when skin ulceration of lupus, burns, radiation dermatitis skin epithelioma.

Cramps - Causes - Why reduces leg cramp
According to the newspaper "Herald of HLS." From the conversation with the doctor of medical sciences, head of Department of Institute of Neurology A. Kadykova.

Pressure reduction - Lemon - Garlic - cranberries - Briar - hypertension
Interview with Tatiana Nikolskaya number HLS 22, 2005 What foods raise and lower pressure main nutrition in hypertension excluded from the diet foods that increase blood cholesterol and promote the deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, thereby increasing the pressure.

Liver cleansing at home - Shoe liver recipes HLS - oil - oats - rosehip
Shoe liver at home rosehip and sorbitol From evening to fill a thermos in 1 tbsp. liter. crushed hips, pour 0.5 liters. boiling water. In the morning, pour into a glass 1 tbsp. liter.

Symptoms of gout and gout attack symptoms - Food for gout
Gout -a disease caused by a violation of purine metabolism in the body, which leads to increased levels of uric acid. This results in the deposition of crystals in its tissues, often around joints, limited in their movements.

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