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Opportunities prenatal research
Every expectant mother worries about the he alth of the child. Unfortunately, there are a number of genetic diseases, reveal that it is desirable during pregnancy that lead to the current screening tests.

Prozac - reviews, instruction analogs
Prozac -drug antidepressant effects antidepressant, one of the most popular in the world. drugs Prozac active ingredient in Prozac is fluoxetine product propylamine.

Rebetol - instruction, reviews, contraindications
Rebetol -pharmacological antiviral drug for the treatment of chronic. Structure and Composition According to the instructions Rebetol available in capsule form for oral administration . Active ingredient -ribavirin.

Care Eye Care
in your eyes can be determined very much in the human condition, and the skin around the eyes -his he alth and age.

Psoriatic arthritis - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Brief description of the disease As becomes clear from the title, psoriatic arthritis combines just two diseases -rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Oxidized low-density lipoproteins are not an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease
A cholesterol level of oxidized low-density lipoprotein predicts coronary risk, but is not independent of other lipid risk markers. Dr. Tianying Wu and colleagues at the Harvard School of Public He alth, Boston, MA establish baseline levels of oxidized low-density lipoprotein oLPNP at 18140 men -study participants He alth Professionals Follow-Up Study and 32,826 women -study participants Nurses` He alth Study.

Japanese women live longer all
A study conducted by the University of Cologne experts led by Professor of Statistics and Demography Eckart Bomsdorfa, showed that women who were born in Japan in 2005, the year will live an average of 99 years.

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