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Handkerchief eliminates viruses
I guess no one is surprised antibacterial soaps, shampoos, destroying dandruff causing fungi, and other "household goods with a medical slant." But, however, some trends in this market is still so unusual that may cause surprise, if not, then at least interest.

Dogs suffering from depression
Swiss veterinarians claim that more dogs suffering from tension and stress due to the fault of the owners. Linda Hornisberdzher of Berne Veterinary Clinic says that dogs suffer from abdominal pain and migraines as a result of depression.

Superbugs making changes in their metabolism
As a result of interference in cellular metabolism of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, scientists from the U.S. found a way to make them more sensitive to existing drugs.

Laser application in the treatment of drug addiction
Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco under the direction of Antonello Bonsu, MD, studied the effect of the laser beam in relation to addictive behavior in rats.

Ademetionine Instructions Description of the drug
Name: ademetionine Ademetionine > Pharmacological action: Ademetionine is the active drug substance -substance present in all tissues and body fluids. Its molecule is involved in transmethylation reactions transfer of the methyl group in the exchange reactions of the organism as a donor of methyl groups, and is a precursor of thiol compounds cysteine, taurine, glutathione, CoA and others.

Femovan Instructions Description of the drug
Name: Femovan Femovan > Pharmacological action: Hormonal contraceptive contraceptive. > Indications: Contraception preventing pregnancy.

Palladium Instructions Description of the drug
Name: Palladium Palladium > Pharmacological action: Palladium -a homeopathic remedy. At its heart -a mineral palladium metal. Prepare it in accordance with the canons of homeopathy, whereby drug acquires special information charges.

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