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Chronic viral acute hepatitis - Symptoms and Treatment - How to Treat Hepatitis folk remedies
Hepatitis -an inflammatory disease of the liver, arising from various causes. Infectious hepatitis are divided into acute and chronic toxic, allergic here enter.

Prostatitis - References - Lifestyle - Diet - Exercise for prostatitis
Along with folk remedies and methods of treatment of prostatitis, you must follow some guidelines to not aggravate the disease, and out of it. Necessary to minimize smoking and alcohol.

Joints Osteoarthritis - treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies - HLS newspaper recipes - How to Treat Osteoarthritis
Folk remedies treatment of osteoarthritis woodlice In folk remedies treatment of osteoarthritis of joints good result gives louse.

Boil - Home Treatment - How to treat a boil folk remedies
treat boils at home is often more effective than formal. The fastest to get rid of boils, you can use baked onions and folk remedies based soap. Here are examples of how it was possible to cure boils, taken from the newspaper "Herald HLS" Baked onion With baked onion can quickly cure boils.

Pressure reduction - How to treat hypertension herbs
Herbs pressure reduction Medicinal plants useful to use at any stage of the development of hypertension. The main herbs that lower pressures are hawthorn, motherwort leaves and blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, birch leaves, cottonweed, valerian, chokeberry, astragalus, fruits of mountain ash, fennel and wild rose, grass shepherd`s purse, knotweed, clover, Bukovica, Melissa mint, flax seed.

Acne Facial - Treatment - Masks - How to get rid of blackheads at home
Before treating acne at home, it is necessary to consult a doctor -a dermatologist if you have any demodekoza -subcutaneous mite.

Kidney cyst - Symptoms - Treatment of cysts in the kidneys - Folk Remedies and Methods
kidney cyst -a benign education, is a cavity filled with clear yellowish fluid. Its wall is comprised of connective tissue. These cysts can grow up to 10 cm in diameter and more.

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